Victoria Justice, Jane Levy & Chelsea Handler In ‘Fun Size’ Movie Trailer

Fun Size‘ is the next big teen comedy, due out this coming October and the trailer has just been released. The Nickelodeon film stars Victoria Justice, who some believe to now be the next tween breakout star, alongside Jane Levy (Suburgatory) and Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately).

Here’s the premise of the film. When a troubled but whip-smart teen girl (Justice) loses her oddball little brother on Halloween, she has one desperate night to track him down. It has all the right ingredients for a successful comedy with today’s audience: (1) A funny & witty red head: Jane Levy (the Emma Stone or Lindsay Lohan of this film). (2) A funny mom: Chelsea Handler. (3) And some funny one liners: “A smiley face emoticon? That seals the deal, Ren. That is how love works.” That being said, it is a Nickelodeon film so it’s going to be a bit cheesy & predictable given it’s target audience.

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts on what you think in the comments below. Will you be checking out this film?

  • Pati

    Jane Levy, she’s from Suburgatory not Suburbia

  • Haha, that’s what I meant 😉 Thanks Pati

  • jis89

    The end of this trailer is hilarious haha! maybe I gonna watch it.