An oldie but a goody. Christ, when did a movie from 2007 become “an oldie”? I blame Justin Bieber. Let’s call a spade a spade with this one: Frontiers is DAMN scary. I had recently posted about the German thriller Hell and referred to this past flick as reminiscent but realized after the fact that that’s like comparing Apple stock prices lowering $2 a share to the Great Depression. Frontiers isn’t just a thriller- which it is partially is- but is more likenable to films like Hostel and Severance with it’s extreme violence and terrifying plot. But, I’m not just setting you up to peek through the cracks in your hands for 1.5 hours- this movie is actually interestingly written and extremely well pulled off by the cast and crew. It’s a scary bitch to be sure.

Frontiers is a French movie that follows a pack of French Muslim thieves who attempt to flee the country and take refuge in a Bed and Breakfast near the border/frontiers. What could go wrong right? Well, when you combine an aged mansion with more trap rooms and doors than you can shake a stick at AND a surviving Nazi family of sexual miscreants and masochists, you get quite the tail. Don’t give up on me quite yet though, I know it sounds very The Hills Have Eyes or House of a Thousand Corpses which no one is acclaiming as brilliantly written, but this one provides a level of acting and patient thrill that does not solely depend on meat cleavers and vice grips to keep you paying attention. But don’t take my word for it- check it out below.

I do have to give a long ago commenter on an old article of mine “Will X” credit for turning me onto this movie and I’m damn glad he did. While the story of Aryan Race revival isn’t unique to Frontiers, it’s approached in such a serious and committed manner by the writer and actors that you get physically sick worrying for the struggling and not-so-innocent protagonists as they attempt to survive rape and torture. Please note, this isn’t a hostel torture scene. They don’t just cut peoples’ eyes out because they had extra prop grape laying about the craft services table. Each drop of blood is extracted with purpose and such dedication that you second think that upcoming trip you have planned for the Basque region of France. Oh and many of the actors in this are DAMN hot so if that persuades you- enjoy!

I know I’m talking this one up a bit more than it likely deserves but it’s hard to convince any readers who AREN’T horror/thriller/gore fans to try out something so violent and I really believe there’s a value to this genre even if it does act to revolt and terrify. True fright is a unique state that can only be elicited by better works and I’d argue this is one of them. Do NOT watch this one alone and do not watch with the squeamish. Otherwise, enjoy and let me know what you think!