Last week, I first shared Matthew Knowles’ brand new girl group, From Above, with you. Beyonce’s dad is hoping his new army of British singers can achieve the same level of success that Destiny’s Child did. Will lightning strike twice for him? Maybe, but it’ll be hard without the likes of Beyonce or Kelly Rowland in the group. That being said, he’s certainly taken a few moves out of their playbook and re-appropriated them for From Above.

Firstly, the group’s name has the same celestial heavenly sound as Destiny’s Child. Secondly, he’s enlisted his ex-wife Tina Knowles to style the ladies for the music video, which BTW was not a wise move. Remember some of that tacky shizz DC used to wear back in the day? Now Tina’s styling choices are even worse. From Above’s look is an amalgamation of House of Dereon rejected designs with leftover wardrobe scraps from Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce.

But by far the most blatant rip-off Matthew Knowles has used for his new venture is stealing Beyonce’s signature “Single Ladies” hand gestures. Apparently plagiarism runs in the family. LOL. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a shame that Knowles hasn’t updated his managerial repertoire for a new decade. I actually don’t mind “Not The Same Girl“. Sure, it’s a bit Danity Kane meets The Saturdays but has a catchy beat and solid vocals. Check out From Aboves’ debut music video below.

From Above “Not The Same Girl” Music Video

Don’t you think the girls would be better served with a “less is more” approach. They seem way to done up and made up. Two of the girls really stand out for me. I’m loving the Jamaican vibe the lead singer is giving, plus the blond chick who has a solo. She’s got some potential for sure.

If you want to learn more about them, the launching of the group and self-titled album is being documented in a reality series for MTV. Check your local listings for dates and times.