“Frenemies With Eliza Coupe”: Two Of The Worst People Ever At Lunch

If perhaps you’re like me and you’re missing ‘Happy Endings‘ right now, then you need to watch this hilarious new ‘Funny Or Die‘ video called ‘Frenemies‘ with Eliza Coupe.

If you remember Kristen Wiig and her one-upping “Penelope” character, than this scene will remind you of that… except a lot “cuntier”. You’ll get that reference after you watch it (I don’t just use the “c-word” freely). Actually, some of the scene actually reminds me of fellow cast member Adam when we are hanging out, as we love to bug each other. In one part during the scene, Coupe says, “I actually just finished a cleanse too. Yeah, mines a little bit newer, a little less dated. It’s called the ‘Fresher Than Fresh, Fresh Is Clean, Clean Clean, Fresh Fresh Cleanse‘. Sooo good. It’s a really long name because, it’s a really long cleanse. You do it for a year.” LOL.

As you can imagine, with them being so busy trying to out-do each other and put each other down, that their focus isn’t really on ordering. Anyway, enjoy the video below. I’m totally re-inspired for the next time Adam and I hang out 😉 Love ya, Adam!