‘Friends With Kids’ Movie Trailer Reunites ‘Bridesmaids’ Stars

The trailer for a new comedy called ‘Friends With Kids‘ just hit the web and it looks promising! The film stars Jennifer Westfeldt (24) and Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation) as two friends who decide to have a baby completely platonically. Their friends, played by Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm, Maya Rudolph, and Chris O’Dowd act excited for them, but secret believe it’s an awful idea.

You may notice that the last four names I just mentioned were all cast members in the biggest (and most hilarious) female comedy ever, Bridesmaids. Although there is not sequel set in stone for the film, ‘Friends With Kids’ will give you the Wiig & Rudolph fix you’re craving.

As you might expect, this whole “having a baby with a friend idea” doesn’t go completely as planned and there are a few complications once the baby is born in terms of how they go about their daily lives and how they meet new people – romantically. Enter Megan Fox. Do you think she’ll be the right person for Adam Scott’s character? I’m not so sure. Check out the movie trailer below to get a taste of things to come with ‘Friends With Kids,’ which will be released March 9.

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