“Friends For Life Bike Rally”: Let’s Show Our Support!

I know I know, how many Friends for Life articles am I going to write on this site, but this time we’re doin’ it East Coast style! Also, this involves two terribly hot friends of mine, so I know you’ll enjoy it 😉

As summer FINALLY kicks its ass into gear and sun is more of a permanent fixture in our day to day, it’s time to start thinking about including a bit more into the daily fitness routine than just 2 hours of hitting the weights (my closest friends call anything less than that a “business woman workout” 😉 and what’s better than the frugal but ass-molding activity of bike riding? And wait, you can raise money for an amazing cause while you’re doing it?? I know what you’re thinking: “Adam, you’re a crazy man!” or: “Adam, why does this sound like a used car salesman pitch??” Well, I’d argue you’re insane on both accounts!

What I’m talking about is the up-and-coming Friends for Life Bike Rally from Toronto to Montreal on a six-day journey starting July 24th, 2011… and two of my really good friends: Lucas and Antonio (pictured above), are looking to raise as much as they can, cyclin’ it for people living with HIV and AIDS in Toronto and around the world.

While I love to do my weekly support of the local, Vancouver branch of Friends for Life, the thought of 600 km on a BICYCLE of all things is incredibly terrifying. Hell, I don’t even like the 20km drive to class if there’s too much traffic, so I can’t even imagine the physical and mental training this puppy would require! But, it’s definitely worth the work. Not to over-explain a clear issue to us gays, but currently there are more than 33 million people living with HIV and AIDS in the world. We hear (sometimes from my own “pen”) about new advancements and discoveries being made daily to support our battle to control and one day abolish this disease but without time and money from those who have it to spare (and often even from those who don’t), we will never win.

Friends for Life is an organization that exists in many forms in Canada and supports people living with HIV and AIDS (among other life threatening illnesses) and is a truly amazing faction to belong to. Focusing on the East Coast Friends for Life Bike Rally, its sponsoring body is the PWA (People With Aids foundation in Toronto) and they work at all levels with people living with this complex disease. Offering everything from food programs to financial support to health forums and mental assistance, they truly attack this issue from all angles and offer daily aid to a sect of our population that absolutely every one of us gays has an attachment to one way or another. It’s for that reason that I think this ought to be such an easy sell to you boys and girls, be it to donate through funds, physical time or even just a read!

The ride is comprised of people of all shapes, sizes, ages and sex prefs all with the same goal of supporting this great cause. In my opinion, two of the most special riders out there are absolutely my friends (and sexy faced lovers) Lucas and Antonio and they have been working HARD towards this stellar goal. Setting up a blog to photo and journal-document their journey thus far, I’ve been blown away by their commitment to this epic bike ride.

At Boys On the Road the guys have let me watch week in and week out as they push themselves harder and further to get ready for this grueling and what I imagine will be a heat-murdering trek. They’ve been changing their diet, their workouts and every aspect of the week to be in a place that will see them just killin’ the heck out of this ride. All I can say is check out their blog and if the mood strikes you to donate then atta boy! Short of that, here’s the info from the PWA site for the Friends for Life Bike Rally itself. Please take a moment to read about their mandate, their goals and how this amazing endeavour will help so many peoples’ lives. Thanks truly, for taking the time to read this!

  • Landon

    Adam, this is one of my favourite articles of yours! And what a great cause!! Thank you for this!

  • Logan

    It inspires me to see people take on tasks as large as this one, and for such a great cause! Kudos to both of your friends for taking part in something so monumental. I wish them the best of luck and I’ll definitely be watching the blog! Great article xoxo

  • Lucas

    Thanks for the great article Adam. Landon and Logan – we will do you proud!

  • Linds

    Sounds amazing, way to go Lucas and Antonio!

  • Lauren

    What an awesome cause! Adam, it’s great that you’re supporting such a great cause and using this forum to do it.

  • Glad to see you writing about a great cause Adam! Was a pleasure to read and very inspirational!