FreshAir: The World’s First Gay Airline

FreshAir, the world’s very first gay airline has just announced its debut take off to the deservedly popular and gay-friendly Budapest, host city to EuroGames 2012 Budapest between June 27 – July 1. The event boasts:

  • 4+1 days of sport”: 18 sports, 3800 athletes, 2200 supporters, and 4000 visitors
  • 4+1 days of tourism and culture
  • 5 days conferences: human rights, minority issues, equal representation and business opportunities

Of course this faux “FreshAir” gay airlines concept is not a real airline, but rather a promotional tool via a new promo video for the aforementioned EuroGames. Actual discounted flights are offered by Lufthansa and the site shows were discounted accomodation is available as well. Check out the over-the-top gay airline promo video below. “They shake drinks differently”. 😉

For more information, visit: