Oh. Em. Gee. This just made my day. Back in July, I wrote about a Funny Or Die video called Frenemies starring Eliza Coupe from Happy Endings along with another hilarious comedian named Lauryn Kahn. The two frenemies meet over lunch and give each other backhanded compliments and “Kristen Wiig ‘Penelope'” each other until they can no longer stand it.

Now, they’re back and have just happened to run into each other at Pilates class. Of course they act happy to see each other, but both secretly roll their eyes as they hug each other. And so it begins… From the type of fluids their drinking to their carbon footprint to knowing “Lululemon,” the stuff they argue about (in a frenemies way) is absolutely hilarious.

Watch the video below. You won’t regret it. Spoiler alert, someone ends up bleeding. Enjoy!

Frenemies 2 with Eliza Coupe