The long awaited music video for Freemasons’ hot dance track, “Believer” featuring Wynter Gordon, has finally premiered! I had the privilege of watching the beautiful Wynter Gordon perform live twice during my last visit to Los Angeles and watching this, brings back those wicked nights. With this sexy and seductive video, Wynter’s transformation from R&B chick to bonafide dance diva is now complete. She sizzles with every move and oozes fabulosity in every frame. Whoever styled her, deserves major props.

The video is fairly bare bones. Basically, it has Wynter simply posing and moving on a bare sound stage in front of bare white walls with flashing lights highlighting her. You know you have true stage presence when you can hold it down, with just the bare essentials. I’ve loved this track ever since I first heard the track in the summer, and I’m beyond ecstatic a video was finally made. This dance anthem deserves to sit atop Billboard’s Dance charts. Check it out, if you haven’t already done so.


What did you think of the video? Don’t you just love the track? I can’t wait to check out the Freemasons when they come to town in a couple of weeks. Sooooooo excited.