For anyone who’s ever been in a long-term relationship, you know it’s not easy. After being with each other for many years, it’s easy to entertain the grass is greener theory and to take each other for granted. For myself, I’m guilty of the latter with Brian13 years and counting.

I’m sure William Campbell and John Hilton experienced many obstacles during their 54 years together. Freedom To Marry highlights the couple in this short and touching video. There’s nothing that gets me more sentimental than watching elderly couples holding hands on the street. I shed a tear inside every single time I see it.

The clip shows the couple’s time together over seven decades starting from the 50s. Loved seeing all the pictures of them from each decade. Sadly though, Bill passed away in May 2011 just seven weeks before New York legalized same-sex marriage. The title of the clip, “More Than Ever,” was named after the way Bill used to sign his letters to John during his time in the armed forces. He used to shorten it to just MTE. Awwww. Brian and I also have a short code we say to each other instead of saying I love you. Though it’s a sad ending, the four minute video is definitely worth watching.

Bill and John: More Than Ever