Frankmusik Chats With Us About His New Single, ‘Fast As I Can’

I have been a Frankmusik fan for a while now and have followed the ups and downs his career has taken in the last couple of years. After releasing his sophomore studio album, Do It In The AM as an attempt to break into the US market, it seemed to not hit the right notes with his label and after the dust settled, the UK native found himself label-less but ready to take on the world. Fast As I Can his Frankmusik’s latest single, self-released by the artist and he hopes that fans alike will love it. I had a chance this week to catch up with Frankmusik for quick chat about everything.

Homorazzi: What would say was the biggest thing you learned about the industry as whole after this experience with your former label?

Frankmusik: Try to understand every aspect of your business. From your publishing to the politics at your label. Ignorance will destroy any chances of a long term career. Just “making music” is not enough at major label level. You have to be informed and aware at all times so you can survive the experience and be prepared after the situation changes.

Would you say that being unsigned, you feel you have more freedom creatively? To pursue more personal projects?

Of course. I only have to answer to myself which is wonderful. I feel like I did back in 2007 when I released my first release “Frankisum”. All I want is to get better at my craft and enjoy the people I surround myself with.

You released your “The SOPA Opera” EP under Vincent Did It earlier this year which featured some of my favorite music from you including the tracks “Somebody” and “Dynamo”. What was the response like from fans?

I think most people were thrown by the name change. What most people don’t know is I have had about 4 aliases this whole time anyway! I like to reinvent myself, it keeps things fresh. I had my fun as VDI put out a solid release under that name and now I am back to my Frankmusik persona and process. I don;t know why it was such a big deal.

Get “Fast As I Can” on iTunes here

Now, you’re back under the Frankmusik moniker and keeping pretty busy in both your own and production of others. Tell us what inspired the new single.

It was a track I gave to an artist called Quigley. She wrote the top line and I did the production. After I had finished the production I sent it off to my good friend Herve who did some awesome additional production too. I changed most of the lyrics after sitting on the track for a while and it all came together quite nicely.

Already, fans are giving it major kudos, comparing it to the sound of your “Complete Me” album. Is that something you were hoping for after some fans were quick to criticize the “commercial” sound of “Do It In the A.M.”?

I would most likely have been criticized for making a record that sounds just like my first album too I think. I took a chance on a new label, new country and I did it mainly on my own. Does anyone have the answers? No. I was on a journey of reaching out to a new system and a new way of doing things. That was called America. Did it work in a commercial sense? No again. But that was not entirely down to me. The experience was amazing and its helped build the next chapter in my life with a very solid foundation.

On a side note, Fast As I Can simply reminds me of why Frankmusik is so damn good at what he does. From the lyrics, to the production to that signature voice, this single is definitely on my top ten list of favorite tracks from Vincent Frank.

What can we expect from Frankmusik in 2013? An independently released album? More singles? Tours?

You can expect 2 EP’s More single’s and a US tour and hopefully a mini tour in Asia.

For his final thoughts, Frankmusik added, “Love to you and my fans. Also anyone one who has been affected by the horror on the east coast my thoughts are with you and your families.” To keep up to date, Follow Frankmusik on Twitter & SoundCloud.

Frankmusik Gives A Shout Out To Homorazzi