Frankmusik Debuts ‘Far From Over’ EP And We Skype Chat About It

I have been waiting for this day for a long time and finally, it has arrived. One of my favorite UK artists, FRANKMUSIK, has finally released a new EP just in time for Valentine’s Day. The new set titled Far From Over contains four brand new tracks that are sure to please the fans that Vincent Frank garnered when he first popped up only five years ago with the album, Complete Me.

This afternoon, I received a voicemail from Vincent himself saying that he’d love to chat with me on Skype to talk about the new EP, how to download it and raising money for his charity partner, Oxfam. Needless to say, it was great catching up with him again and I can tell that he’s definitely a really good and inspirational place. One thing we chatted about was how he felt his second album, Do It In The AM was somewhat of a misstep. Having listened to his new material, I think Vincent has definitely hit the nail right on the head. 2013 is definitely going to be his year.

If you want to download FRANKMUSIK’s new album, check it out HERE and don’t forget to make a charitable donation to Oxfam in the process.

Frankmusik, “Far From Over”

If I had to give this album a star rating, it’d definitely be a 5 out of 5. For me, what shines most about this EP is its return to a genuine FRANKMUSIK sound with the new added elements of his current, J-POP inspiration. I absolutely love Map and I’ve already been jamming out Captain all night. This EP is not to be overlooked especially if you’ve been aching for that ‘old Frankmusik sound’ you loved back in the Complete Me days. Now, it’s just a little more grown up.

Frankmusik, “Map” Music Video

As soon as Far From Over dropped online, Vincent also debuted the music video for the track, Map. Immediately after checking it out, I emailed Vincent to tell him how much I loved the song and the visual. I think you’ll really like it too.

My Skype Chat with Vincent Frank of Frankmusik

Download FRANKMUSIK’s new EP, Far From Over HERE.

  • Rob

    I remember I really liked this guy when he first came up with idk what track, but the problem is it was really IMPOSSIBLE to find the tracks to download.
    I mean, if you don’t have a record deal or dunno what.. just give at least your main single for free or whatever
    bc it was impossible to grow on the song or the new artist bc he was nowhere to be heard of
    and you couldn’t even bring him to your itunes so.. eventually I forgot about him
    and now that he’s realeasing something idk if I’m really gonna make the effort to start searching all the web for him bc I did it before and didn’t work

    good luck to him anyway
    and hire a PR rep or something