Frankie Grande Pays Tribute To Glam Rock With Debut Single ‘Queen’

Ariana isn’t the only queen in the Grande household. Frankie Grande just unleashed his debut single, “Queen.”

Honestly, this could have been way worse. When I first heard Frankie was embarking on a recording career, I thought the apocalypse was here. Crisis averted. His debut single isn’t half bad. Don’t get it twisted though. “Queen” is far from a musical masterpiece, but it’s surprisingly not cheesy. The 34-year-old former Big Brother houseguest pays tribute to 70s glam rock icons like David Bowie on the track. The single highlights his Broadway vocal training quite well.

“It’s kind of the story of seeing glam rock icons when I was younger — trying to emulate those people, then kind of seeing them go away, and then rediscovering that just because you don’t see them anymore doesn’t mean that they’re not with me. It kind of became a metaphor for my own life. You can see things growing up, be inspired by things. Just because they’re not around anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t take those inspirations and bring them to life, and bring them to the next generation.” – Grande to Billboard

Frankie also dropped the accompanying music video the same day. The one-shot clip, where Frankie’s face gets beat, could easily serve as a make-up tutorial #justsaying. Check it out below and weigh in afterward your thoughts on his single.

Frankie Grande ‘Queen’

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