On Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, Frank Ocean performed a couple of tracks one of which was “Pyramids“. Fresh off his SNL debut, the R&B singer just debuted his brand new music video for said track. Directed by frequent collaborator Nabil, the clip is stunningly beautiful. It reminds me a bit of Drake’s equally visually captivating “Take Care” clip featuring Rihanna.

The almost 8-minute long visual takes Ocean on a motorcycle ride through the desert and eventually ending up a stripper joint. Since the song portrays the 24-year-old openly-gay singer as a pimp who falls in love for a stripper named Cleopatra, the setting is very appropriate. The women, whom some are topless, look mesmerizing and frightening at the same time. It’s amazing what mood lighting and slo-motion will do.

The clip is filled with cool effects and beautiful vignettes emulating a drug-induced headtrip. I’m sure there is some deep meaning behind all the imagery, but I certainly can’t dissect it. Especially why John Mayer all of sudden shows up giving a guitar solo in front of a neon pyramid in the desert. Watch the clip below and see if you can decipher it all.

Frank Ocean ‘Pyramid’ Music Video

What do you think? Personally, I love it and found myself entranced by it all. “Pyramids” is definitely one of my favorite tracks off Frank’s album and glad he gave us a music video worthy of the song. What are your thoughts on the clip? Did you watch him on SNL this past weekend? Sound off below.