Was Frank Ocean Arrested For Oral Sex?

Hope 2013 is treating you better than it is Frank Ocean? The R&B crooner was arrested while on vacation in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada near Mammoth Lake on New Year’s Eve roughly at 4:30 pm. Despite some salacious rumors (yazmar.com) that he was apprehended due to engaging in some lewd acts, the truth is far less scandalous.

Contrary to rumors that he was swerving on the highway due to being “serviced,” the 25-year-old singer was stopped for speeding. He was driving more than 90 mph in a 65 mph zone in his black BMW. In his defense, whenever I drive Brian’s BMW instead of my Jeep Rubicon, it’s sometimes hard to tell how fast you’re going. It’s so smooth.

In addition to speeding, Ocean whose legal name is Christopher Edwin Breaux allegedly had a small bag of marijuana on him. Smoking a doobie on NYE. Nothing wrong with that, right? Someone has a little more street cred now 😉 If that wasn’t enough, Frank was also cited for driving with a suspended driver’s license and having tinted windows. When it rains, it pours. LOL. Reportedly, the following pic was taken by Ocean while riding in the backseat of the cop car.

Allegedly, Frank captioned the above picture, “worst trip ever.”. Couldn’t agree more. If it is his picture, it’s hilarious that he had access to his smart phone while in police custody. Is Instagram and tweeting, the thing to do now while incarcerated?

Did your New Year’s kick off better than Frank’s? Was there a bit of pot, medicinal of course ;), as part of your celebration? I wonder if this arrest will hurt his chances at the upcoming Grammys where he’s nominated for six awards including Best New Artist, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. Sound off below.

  • jaavee

    I think his “worst trip ever” post is genius. He took the power from the media and made a joke of it.