Frank + Derol “Barely Love You Too” On New Single

Duo Frank + Derol are ready to unleash their stellar music upon us. Signed to Interscope Records, the two have released a new single titled, “Barely Love You Too” and it’s really good. The duo used to be a trio which included Canadian singer Megan Park. However, Park left the group in 2010 to focus to on her acting career with the teenage drama hit, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

The two remaining members are Cori Coraco and Miley Cyrus’ half sister Brandi Cyrus and together, they will release their debut EP this September. “Barely Love You Too” will serve as the lead-off single. The song is definitely a great end-of-summer track that will put you in a daze with it’s scattered drum beat and infectious lyrics. Give the track a listen and share your thoughts below.