Paper Mag Presents Food Porn With Franco Noriega

Photo by Katie Levine
Hungry? You will be after checking this out. I can’t decide which tasty dish I want more. His scrumptious ceviche or his hot body? Who am I kidding? It’s a no-brainer 😉

Super sexy Franco Noriega shows off his culinary skills for the latest issue of Paper Mag. This is food porn to the nth degree. In addition to talking eats, the Peruvian chef shows off his physical assets for photographer Katie Levine. Banana anyone?

If being a sex symbol and chef weren’t enough, Noriega reveals to the publication that he’s pursuing his dreams of being a pop star. If it turns out he can sing as well, life’s just not fair. Big dick and big voice. A perfect match. LOL

“I’m super excited for everything about singing, because it’s so new. When something is so new, there’s nothing really that can go wrong. Because you had nothing before this. There’s a beauty in the freedom of the unknown.”

Check out a few more pics below, along with his ceviche tutorial.

Photo by Katie Levine


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