Fran Drescher Gets Her Own Tawk Show

She was the screechy voiced nanny from the hit series, “The Nanny,” and now she’s getting her own talk show. Fran Drescher. “Who would have guessed that the girl we’ve described, was just exactly what the doctor prescribed?” But, apparently she is.

Drescher made the announcement on The Wendy Williams Show this morning:

“When I was on your show, the people that make your show asked me if I wanted to do my [own] show. We’ve been talking ever since. It’s gonna premiere November 26 right after Thanksgiving.”

Talk Shows are very hit and miss these days and I don’t know that Drescher brings enough to the table to set her apart from the already saturated Talk Show world. I mean The View is being copied by a duplicate version on CBS called The Talk (which I’m looking forward to actually).

Sidenote: I wonder how Wendy Williams feels about her “people” asking Fran to have her own show when she was a guest.

“[The show will have] everything from pedicures to politics. It’ll be interesting to talk to the ladies about a myriad of subjects that will fun, funny, inspiring, motivational, educational, and empowering.”

She’ll get a three-week preview that will air on six Fox-owned television stations starting this November to test out how it does. In a statement, Drescher said:

“I’m thrilled to be able to bring The Fran Drescher Tawk Show to daytime TV, which fits me hand in glove. It will cover all of my passions, everything from pedicures to politics. America will have a chance to see the real Fran Drescher, beyond The Nanny. I’m the girl next door, a self-made woman who has been to hell and back a few times.”

Will you be tuning into her show?