Fox’s “New Girl” Receives Huge Welcome

If you had told me that Fox’s new sitcom “New Girl” was going to top “Glee” prior to last night, I would’ve said you were cray cray. Apparently, all of the network’s promotional work paid off. Over 10 million viewers sampled the Zooey Deschanel show. It’s the biggest fall sitcom premiere on Fox since “The Bernie Mac Show” 10 years ago. In the coveted 18-49 demo, the show was the top show of the night with 4.8. Coming in at second place was NCIS at 4.2. Looks like Deschanel could be this season’s breakout star. With “Two and a Half Men” premiering with over 28 million viewers on Monday night, this season is certainly off to a solid star.

What makes “New Girl’s” accomplishment even more impressive is the fact it built on its lead in- the once powerful “Glee“. For the show’s third season, the teen musical still scored 8.9 million, but represented a 32% drop from last year’s premiere. Ryan Murphy and co. certainly have their work cut out for them to woo back viewers after last year’s lackluster season. Fox’s other show “Raising Hope” matched it’s first season numbers with 6.8 million viewers tuning in. “New Girl’s” premiere was up a ginormous 52% in the same timeslot when “Raising Hope” premiered.

Over at CBS it was business as usual with them winning the night. Their one-two punch of “NCIS” and “NCIS: LA” ruled the night. Not only did they score huge ratings with 19.5 million and 16.7 million respectively, but both grew 5% from last year’s premieres. In today’s television landscape, that’s practically unheard of for veteran shows to improve. The network’s new show, “Unforgettable“, proved just that. Viewers remembered to check it out and debuted with a solid 14.0 million viewers- 16% higher than “Good Wife” which previously occupied the timeslot.

With all the hoopla about Chaz Bono and this season’s “Dancing With The Stars” cast, you’d think the show would rake in viewers. Their Monday night show was down from last year and last night’s results show continued the slump. The dancing competition garnered 14.5 million which was down 36% from last year’s numbers. Dana Delany’s “Body of Proof” started its second season with 9.7 million, which was what the time slot achieved last year, but a 26% decrease from the show’s midseason premiere earlier this year.

Anna Kournikova’s debut on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” didn’t help out the show. It premiered 21% down from last year with 6.1 million. Apparently Kournikova’s sex appeal doesn’t translate to boffo ratings. Bring back Jillian Michaels ASAP. “Parenthood’s” second episode this season matched its premiere from last week with 5.3 million.

With the other networks all showcasing new programming, The CW took a hit. Last week, the network premiered “90210” and “The Ringer” to avoid the premiere mayhem this week. As a result of the new competition, both shows tumbled in their second week. “90210” attracted 1.6 million (22% down) and “The Ringer” dropped as well to 2 million (18 percent down). At this rate, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s comeback could be short lived.

With “New Girl” doing so well, I might actually might watch it. I had no desire to check it out, thinking it could be a Fall casualty. Now that it looks like its here to stay, I’ll definitely sample it. Did you watch it? What did you think of it or any of the shows that aired last night?

  • CT

    I loved The New Girl, I thought it was so funny. The scene with Zooey where she does that thing with her glasses at the restaurant, then goes up to the guy “Hey sailor” had me dying.

  • i think i seen the last of GLEE last night, i might not watch the coming episodes.,

  • Matt