Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities

Forbes has just released their report for the World’s Most Powerful Celebrities, and it’s a very interesting list. I find the top 10 list to be interesting for a variety of reasons: Two successful stars were affected by infidelity scandals in the past year, two of the stars collaborated on a song and did a music video together, one just a few years ago was a complete trainwreck, three were on a talk show this past season on one episode, and two of them are big on the political seen in terms of human rights and giving back, and two of them have french kissed before.

The list starts with the Queen of Pop, but rest assured she’s not the only female pop powerhouse to make it into the top 10. The criteria considered for making the list includes their pay, tv/radio rank, press rank, web rank, and social rank. Here is the top ten for 2010…

10. Madonna


  • Pay: $58M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 16
  • Press Rank: 3
  • Web Rank: 4
  • Social Rank: 33

The Power of Madonna, as the Glee episode goes. She even has the ability to help free prisoners from Malawi that were unjustly imprisoned for being in a gay relationship.

9. Johnny Depp


  • Pay: $75M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 34
  • Press Rank: 22
  • Web Rank: 16
  • Social Rank: 21

The Mad Hatter isn’t so mad, he’s actually brilliant, making him make the top ten list with a killer paycheque for his fine work.

8. Sandra Bullock


  • Pay: $56M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 6
  • Press Rank: 21
  • Web Rank: 16
  • Social Rank: 21

She finally gets the Oscar she deserves only to find out her husband has been cheating on her with a tattooed temptress – one of the most talked about (if not the most) celebrity scandals of the year.

7. U2


  • Pay: $130M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 54
  • Press Rank: 18
  • Web Rank: 11
  • Social Rank: 28

Making good music while helping to make the world a better place. It’s nice to see that they use their “power” for good.

6. Britney Spears


  • Pay: $64M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 15
  • Press Rank: 24
  • Web Rank: 3
  • Social Rank: 2

From shaving her head and attacking a car with an umbrella just a few years ago, to an incredibly successful world tour and public perception, Britney Spears made a killer comeback, and it’s nice to see her healthy and with her kids again.

5. Tiger Woods


  • Pay: $105M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 7
  • Press Rank: 6
  • Web Rank: 35
  • Social Rank: 34

Famous for putting things into the holes, Tiger received much unwanted attention this year for putting his his personal putter into holes he shouldn’t with the release of countless dirty texts from his mistress(es). Luckily, the tiger has been tamed…for now.

4. Lady Gaga


  • Pay: $62M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 13
  • Press Rank: 4
  • Web Rank: 1
  • Social Rank: 1

Beautiful, Dirty, Dirty, Rich…. Lady Gaga is a Fame Monster and has definitely made the Paparazzi follow her until they love her.

3. James Cameron


  • Pay: $210M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 21
  • Press Rank: 9
  • Web Rank: 20
  • Social Rank: 81

He’s King of the World, as Leonardo says in his first big blockbuster, Titanic. With the INSANE success and brilliance of Avatar, it’s no wonder the movie master is in the top ten, with a whopping $210M paycheck.

2. Beyonce Knowles


  • Pay: $87M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 9
  • Press Rank: 13
  • Web Rank: 2
  • Social Rank: 15

She is Foxy Cleopatria and she’s a whole lot-a woman! Beyonce & her wind machine, is the fiercest biatch around. Can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

1. Oprah


  • Pay: $315M
  • TV/Radio Rank: 1
  • Press Rank: 5
  • Web Rank: 5
  • Social Rank: 11

And the Queen is back on top of the list. They should make money with her face on it.