Forbes Reveals 2012’s Highest Paid Actress Is…

Last year Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker shared the title of Highest Paid Hollywood Actress. Sadly for them, there’s a new queen in town. Don’t feel too badly for them. Both Jolie and Parker are still on the Top 10 list, just further down at No. 4 and No. 7 respectively.

This year’s Forbes’ Top 10 rankings is strikingly similar to last year’s. With exception to Reese Witherspoon and Katherine Heigl, the other eight ladies still remain on the top-earning list. Witherspoon and Heigl were bumped by Kristin Wiig and Charlize Theron. Speaking of the Evil Queen, is Theron the new Queen of Hollywood? Perhaps…

Well, one actress that isn’t is Cameron Diaz. The 39-year-old actress just missed out the top spot by $500,000. On the strength of “Bad Teacher” and “The Green Hornet”, Diaz earned a whopping $34 million. Continue reading to find out which actress narrowly beat her with a take of $34.5 million.

Forbes’ Highest Paid Top 10 Actresses For 2012

  • 1. Kristen Stewart, $34.5 million
  • 2. Cameron Diaz, $34 million
  • 3. Sandra Bullock, $25 million
  • 4. Angelina Jolie, $20 million
  • 5. Charlize Theron, $18 million
  • 6. Julia Roberts, $16 million
  • 7. Sarah Jessica Parker, $15 million
  • 8. Meryl Streep, $12 million
  • 9. Kristen Wiig, $12 million
  • 10. Jennifer Aniston, $11 million

Not surprisingly it’s Kristin Stewart. Being part of a franchise has certainly padded her bank account. At this point, she really is irreplaceable in the “Twilight” movies. If the studio even thought of replacing her with an unknown actress at a cheaper rate, fans would revolt. Clearly, she’s worth every penny, given the box office haul of the last installment. With the final film around the corner, I’m sure Stewart will be part of next year’s list as well. Plus she has “Snow White & The Huntsman” on her side too.

Not bad for the 22-year-old actress, who’s 16 years younger than the second youngest woman on the list which is Wiig at 38. If you’re curious to see where Kristin and others placed in last year’s Top 10 list, check it out below.

Forbes’ Highest Paid Top 10 Actresses For 2011

  • 1. Angelina Jolie, $30 million
  • 1. Sarah Jessica Parker, $30 million
  • 3. Reese Witherspoon, $28 million
  • 3. Jennifer Aniston, $28 million
  • 5. Kristen Stewart, $20 million
  • 5. Julia Roberts, $20 million
  • 7. Katherine Heigl, $19 million
  • 8. Cameron Diaz, $18 million
  • 9. Sandra Bullock, $15 million
  • 10. Meryl Streep, $11 million

Surprised about someone who’s on the list? Personally, I’m shocked that Sarah Jessica Parker is still on it. What was her last hit? Streep should definitely be up higher. Hollywood needs to pay this movie legend more cash money.

  • Dbrewer75

    Ugh that is just sad…Kristen can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag. Robert P is the main draw for the Twilight movies.

    I am shocked to see SJP on there. She has made a couple of movies this year but I didn’t think she would have been worth that much.