Writing about a 2012 calendar in the middle of January seems a little pointless but I have three legit reasons to back up my case. First, it’s Saturday which is our unofficial day to admire the hottest athletic studs in the wide world of sports. See Patrick’s Sports Stud feature to check out our weekly picks. Secondly, I’m heading off to Australia and New Zealand in February with Brian. Just booked our tickets this week and words can’t describe how excited I am. And lastly, and most importantly, do we really need an excuse to show off sexy buff men? I think not.

Footy Ink is a celebration of the coolest body art in the National Rugby League (NRL). Yearly, they showcase the hottest athletes in the league to raise money for the McGrath foundation. The only criteria to be featured in the calendar is that they’re hot, have a six pack and decorated with some wicked ink. I love me my Aussie rugby players, so this calender is definitely up my alley.

Years ago, tattoos did nothing for me, but in the past couple years I’ve sorta come around. Sometimes the right tattoo on the right canvas can just elevate their hotness level. That being said, there are times when people go overboard and come up with some really ugly tattoos. I’m getting a bit off topic here, but you know what I mean. Thankfully, none of the studs featured in Footy Ink’s 2012 Calendar have super tacky tatts. But maybe I’m wrong. Check out my favorite guys from the 2012 calendar and see if their ink is acceptable.

Sandor Earl

Big lips. Big pecs. Big hard-on.

Tariq Sims

I think I just figured out who’s going to be my Valentine this year. Sorry, Brian. If Tariq looks this good from the front, I can only imagine the back view.

Bodene Thompson

Holy crap!!! Bodene is one sexy guy. Love the slightly hairy chest. Those lips are just to die for, plus if I feel like reading in bed, I can just check out his collar bone area.

Alex Glenn

No April Fools joke here. Alex is the real thing. I can just imagine myself digging my fingernails in that sexy back.

Dean Whare

Cindy Crawford worked her mole to supermodel status. Dean can work his mole to my tongue 😉

Matt Cooper

Matt looks so tough, I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley. On second thought, that kinda sounds hot.

Josh Dugan

One thing we know is that Josh’s tattoo artist can color within the lines.

Chris McQueen

Gotta love a scruffy ginger. I wonder if the drapes match the carpet, pillows, and accent walls 😉

Head over to http://www.footysocial.com.au to check out the other months and/or to purchase the 2012 calendar.