A Football Quarterback Comes Out

Before you get too excited, it’s not someone playing in the NFL. It’s not even a real person, but a character on USA Network’s sports drama Necessary Roughness. The show starring Callie Thorne and Marc Blucas airs its second season finale tonight and does it with a bang.

The team tackles their quarterback’s coming out. The fear, anticipation, support and relief will resonate with viewers who have faced this milestone and give strength to others faced with their own coming out not to mention the current fervor over the iron-clad closet of professional sports.

The hot QB is played by the super sexy Travis Smith . Too bad it wasn’t Mehcad Brooks who also appears on the show. If you recall, the former Calvin Klein model appeared on the second season of True Blood. I certainly do. He ranked in my Top 10 Hottest True Blood Actors list. In a recent interview with uinterview.com, Brooks talks about when the NFL will have a gay star.

“I want to see it happen. Obviously, there are guys who are in the closet in professional sports. There’s a community of men, and, in that large male population, there has to be some gay and bisexual players in the NFL and or in the NBA. I know a couple of guys who are in the league and they’ll talk about having a gay teammate who’s open to them in the locker room. There’s just nobody out in public yet. So I think that we’re going to see somebody coming out. Hopefully we’ll see a few cases soon and back him up.” – Mehcad Brooks

Necessary Roughness, Season 2 – There’s the Door

Be sure to catch the Season 2 finale of USA Network’s Necessary Roughness at 10/9c tonight. For more of Mehcad’s interview, head over to www.uinterview.com.

  • Joseph

    Ok… The way you worded the article makes it seem like Brooks’ character is the one who is gay on the team. He’s obviously not. If anything, the spin on this article should be how he promotes tolerance in the locker room.