Book Review: Foodsluts At Doll & Penny’s Café

By popular demand, Foodsluts at Doll & Penny’s Café , the serial is now a book!

When Tony Correia moved to Vancouver in 1988 with the return portion of plane ticket purchased from a classified ad, he didn’t think he would last six months in the city. Twenty years and a popular newspaper serial later, comes Foodsluts at Doll & Penny’s Café, his memoir about the notorious drag cabaret located on Davie Street in the heart of Vancouver’s sleepy West End.

Set in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Foodsluts follows Tony as he explores Vancouver’s counterculture during the height of the AIDS crisis. With a cast of characters that include drag queens, prostitutes, go-go boys and the religious right, Foodsluts revisits a period in Vancouver’s history that has all but been erased. With queer spaces in Vancouver disappearing faster than developers can build glass towers, Foodsluts paints a portrait of a vibrant gay enclave in the heart of a conservative stronghold that you have to read to believe.

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Foodsluts at Doll & Penny’s Café collects the entire serial published by Xtra in 2011 with previously published and unpublished material, as well as all 21 illustrations by artists Ken Boesem. Available in paperback and eBook editions, Foodsluts is a perfect summer read that will have you laughing and crying from beginning to end.

Foodsluts at Doll & Penny’s Café

By Tony Correia
Illustrations by Ken Boesem
Cactus Flower Press
194 pages

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