Patrick’s Follow Friday: Top 10 Celebs You Should Follow on Twitter


So Twitter seems to be taking off and one of the main differences between Twitter and Facebook “status updates” is that you don’t have to be friends with someone in order to see what their up to – for Twitter, you just have to “Follow” them. You can even catch celebs battling it out. Recently, Kirstie Alley and Perez Hilton went at it, basically both going back & forth calling each other fat and talentless. Not gonna lie, this was kind of a hard list to make. I’m only still figuring out the world that is Twitter, but this has helped me along my way. I certainly see a trend in my list though – they are either some of the biggest celebrities out there, or they are the Reality TV, famous for being famous type that have totally used Twitter to their advantage.

Here are my Top Ten Celebs you should follow & why. I’ve included a status update from each:

twit-spencerpratt10. Spencer Pratt – Although I can’t stand him on The Hills, I think his posts on Twitter will continue to be interesting. You could say he’s one of the villains on The Hills, and he’s also going to be with his newlywed, Heidi on the NBC show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here” . Most recent tweet: “Sitting with Janice Dickenson , john Salley, lou diamond phillips in first class about to take off for the jungle @iamcelebritynbc” Twitter Account:

twit-parishilton9. Paris Hilton – he’s hot, does a lot of fabulous things, and she keeps you up to date on that. Most recent tweet: “Laying in bed about to watch the 1st episode of Season 4 of Lost. Doug and I are obsessed with the show!” Twitter Account:
twit-kirstiealley8. Kirstie Alley – She only made the list only because she went to war via Twitter with Perez Hilton, and it was quite entertaining – both calling each other fat & talentless. Hard to say who won that war. Most recent tweet: “@MarleeMatlin Oh yea, and your husband is really hot and great that he doesn’t knock you about, like some other people..i’m bad I”  Oh, PS. Marlee has shopped at my store (masc) for her husband before:). Twitter Account:
twit-heidimontag7. Heidi Montag – Okay, okay – she can be annoying but she updates her Twitter a lot and it can actually be quite entertaining. She lives for Reality(ish) TV so her Twitter is just an extension of that. Most recent tweet: “going into the jungle! in the hotel last night i got 14 bites!!!! oh well i am too blessed to stress!”. Twitter Account:
twit-ashtonkutcher6. Ashton Kutcher– He has the highest number of followers on Twitter. Random, huh? It’s weird, he must have been the first celeb on Twitter or something. Apparently he’s threatening to stop Twittering if the rumors are true that there is going to be a Twitter reality show. Most recent tweet: “I still have hope for a few of these”. Twitter Account:
twit-britneyspears5. Britney Spears – She uses it a lot – or her “people” do. Either way, they do a pretty good job of saying what she’s up to (@ the beach with the kids, etc. AND keeps fans in the loop for up to date information.  For example, most recently she said she was starting shooting for her Radar video and it being directed by Dave Meyers. Most recent tweet: “Dave Meyers is directing my Radar video- it’s going to be sick! -Britney”. Twitter Account:
twit-perezhilton4. Perez Hilton – Of course he’s an interesting one to have on your list, since he’s got the inside scoop on all the celebs, and of course he’s also a trouble maker… Most recent tweet: “@heidimontag Don’t die! xoxo”. Twitter Account:
twit-oprah3. Oprah Winfrey – How can you not follow the Queen Bee? She’s actually doing a great job of keeping up with the times, using Skype on pretty much every episode and taking advantage of Twitter to communicate with her fans on a more personal, sort of behind the scenes level. Most recent tweet: “Anybody got a surefire remedy for ticks? Just pulled 8 off of 1 dog. None of the prescribed vet meds seem to be working.”. Twitter Account:
twit-ellen2. Ellen Degeneres – The funniest woman on television – expect her Twitter to be funny as well. She has the second most Twitter followers out there. Most recent tweet: “Here’s a tip: keep your nail polish in the fridge for easy application! (My “Glamour” just arrived)”. Twitter Account:
twit-ryanseacrest1. Ryan Seacrest – He has the best celeb information first hand. I found out from his Twitter that Audrina and Kristin Cavallari get into such an intense fight that they have to be pulled off of each other on their FIRST DAY OF FILMING for The Hills now that Lauren is gone!  Love it – I knew Kristen was going to bring the drama! Most recent tweet: “Just watched new lady gaga in office. Wow hot. Love it gaga”. Twitter Account:
  • KC

    You forgot Demi Moore:

    A few days ago, she posted pics of herself while she was in the dentist office without a front tooth! How can you beat that? Heh.

    Also, I love, love, love Oprah, but she’s really boring on Twitter. And I’m really sick of Ryan Seacrest.

    Finally, how can Ashton Kuther be NOT your #1? He’s practically the spokesperson for Twitter. And he beat CNN with the # of followers. Plus, he’s kinda yummy.

  • since you started it Tommy 😉 shameless plug…although this is our blog.

  • Girl we’re already on twitter tweeting about everything we do…we’re shameless


  • I found Ashton annoying after about 100 tweets in a day with nothing serious to say. – just saying

  • Ryan

    Hey! Just to add to the list:
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Margaret Cho
    Amanda Bynes

  • Harlequin

    I still don’t really get this twitter thing. But maybe that’s for the better.

  • Kyle

    screw twitter.

    i couldn’t care less about the minute details of people’s lives – when it comes to social media, i need pictures to creep on.

  • Chris T.

    What I like about Homorazzi’s articles is that they don’t require me to think while reading. AT ALL. In fact, I can turn off any intellectual capacity whatsoever and allow my eyes to glide through your blog in a stunned stupor, drooling and barely maintaining bodily function through lack of brain function. By doing this, I am able to match the intellectualism of this blog’s authors, topics, and analysis.

    The comatose could provide better blog content. You’ve managed to pick and choose topics that have essentially no relevance, and you proceed to inflate these topics along with your egos. Your blog tries to be interesting, and yet the authors are ordinary and simple (minded).

    Instead of choosing a like-minded cult to write an online blog, consider also finding people who actually have something interesting to say. And who have character. It’d be a nice change.

  • Brad

    Chris T.

    It’s so easy to criticize people from the comfort of your own home, isn’t it? Why don’t you put your intellect and writing skills where your mouth is? Submit an article and show the authors what “real” writing is all about. This is probably the point where you think of some witty retort that allows you an out from stepping up to this challenge. Isn’t it? I thought so.

    Clearly the person who is the media attention whore is you. Why else would you post so many negative comments? Do you secretly get off on this? Did one of the homorazzi cast dump you because you had a small penis? I feel so sorry that you have a such a miserable life that the only joy you get is knocking people down so you feel better.

    Congratulations on being a man, or at least pretending to be one.