New Florence Single & Video: “What the Water Gave Me”

It happened. I prayed to AllahJebusButtah every night and finally my favorite band in the universe has come out with a NEW SINGLE! Florence Welch and her incredible Machine has released the single “What the Water Gave Me” today AND IT’S GOOD!

I fell in love with Florence and the Machine early last year when I was in Australia and got to see the goddess herself perform live in front of just a couple hundred people. I had dug the album for a couple months earlier, but watching the band live was not only mind blowing, but quickly catapulted them to the top of my repeat list. A few months later when they were in Vancouver, I was stunned at The Commodore Ballroom here in Vancouver. Point is, if you ever get a chance to see this band live, it may change you.

FATM’s last album Lungs has received countless accolades, a jumble of awards, and finally this year gotten the attention it deserved in North America, especially when Florence herself joined some divas on stage during the Grammy’s for an Aretha Franklin tribute, only to “kill it”, as Donovan said, on stage.

The Band is currently putting finishing touches on their follow up studio album, and give us this delicious classic gothic rock track to keep us drooling. Well I’m drooling! “What the Water Gave Me” does not disappoint, but only builds over it’s five plus minutes into an epic and eery rock ballad with just the right amount of the band’s unique mix of genres! Enjoy below. I know this one, once again, is going on repeat.

  • maybe it’s me, but F+M have the WORST music videos with the one exception of Dog Days.