Listen To Florence + The Machine’s New Song ‘Over The Love’

When Interscope Records released The Great Gatsby soundtrack sampler, I mentioned a highlight was the contribution from Florence + The Machine. The record label just made the entire track available and it’s even more amazing than I imagined.

Over The Love” is a smoldering track that builds to powerful closing crescendo. Reportedly, the song is sung from Daisy Buchanan’s (Carey Mulligan) point of view. The track is littered with multiple references from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. Florence Welch’s evocative signature style is absolute heaven on the theatrical track. I can’t wait to see how Baz Luhrmann incorporates it in the film. Take a listen below.

Florence + The Machine – Over The Love

What do you think of the track now that the full-length version has been released? What’s your favorite song Florence + The Machine? Sound off below.

  • Micheal

    Love the track, I’ll definitely be buying the album. Her vocal dynamics are just fantastic. Love her mezzo soprano.

    As far as favorites, I have to say my favorite song of hers is “Never Let Me Go,” but my favorite performance is her version of “Take Care” for BBC Radio 1. I just felt like her BBC performance added even more of an ethereal haunting and sense of mourning to an already dark and chilling track.