Quid pro quo. A month ago, Jennifer Lopez enlisted Flo Rida for “Goin’ In“, a track for the upcoming film “Step Up 4”. Now, it’s Flo Rida’s turn to snatch up J. Lo’s “powerhouse” vocals. The 32-year-old rapper utilized the “American Idol” judge’s baby-like voice for his new single, “Sweet Spot“. The track is a melodic catchy song from his fourth studio album, “Wild Ones”.

I have to say, I like this collaboration a lot more than “Goin’ In”. It’s far less frenetic and has more crossover radio appeal. Flo Rida plans to film a video for “Sweet Spot” in July. I wonder if J. Lo will appear in the clip. I would hope she does, considering Flo Rida already filmed his part for her track. Here’s what the rapper revealed in an interview regarding Lopez’s video:

“They had me performing around this Lamborghini,” he said. “It was really different ’cause there was one scene where I got on this treadmill and they had me running while performing my verse. I had a chance to look back at the video and it seemed like over the top.”

Over the top, you say. That doesn’t sound at all like a Jennifer Lopez video *wink*. “Sweet Spot” probably won’t reach the same heights as his collaboration with Sia on “Wild Ones“, but it’s a lot better than the follow up singles (Whistle, & Let It Roll) after “Wild Ones”. Listen to the track below and see if you agree.

Flo Rida ft. Jennifer Lopez “Sweet Spot”

Thoughts? Which Jennifer Lopez/Flo Rida duet do you prefer, “Goin In” or “Sweet Spot“? Sound off below.