Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To: Shoot the Feelin’ Machine

Dance dance dance. It’s what I wanna’ do if I wasn’t so friggin’ incapacitated by a neck injury right now! But as soon as these Advils kick in I’m gonna on my feet having a serious underwear living room dance party. Give it an hour. I’ll be booty toochin’ in no time. I’ve gone full retard for these songs, can’t get enough, and I hope ur feelin’ the vibe too. If you’re not, you’re missin’ out!

All hail Avicii!! I mean Flo Rida. NO okay I mean Avicii. He’s killin’ this beat and givin’ Flo a track that is going to blow up to the nth degree. We put a classic behind the scenes, on tour, iPad featured video to it and we have a serious recipe for success. This song is uninterrupted on my playlist (okay, only interrupted by Florence’s new album), and everytime the beat kicks in I feel like doing cartwheels. It’s stuck in my head, it’s stuck on my iTunes, I see no end in sight for me lovin’ me some of this. Check out the video below.



Now to another Flo, of the goddess variety. I actually had to hold myself back from making a “Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To: Top 3 on Ceremonials” article. I realized though, that narrowing it down to just three tracks from Florence’s new album Ceremonials would just be silly. How could I even choose! And knowing me, my favourites will just keep on changing, but atm this track is the be all and end all on this album for me. If it doesn’t have single written all over it, then I give up my well earned Florence badge. If you don’t already have the album, please get it now, and support the most talented band currently on this planet.


Who is she? Where the eff did she come from? Why can’t I find out more about her?? She’s british, she’s a rising star, she’s getting buzz, and rightly so! This track has a quasi-Goldfrapp dark electro track thing going on for it and is produced by Swedish electro-pop duo The Sound of Arrows. Avicii’s swedish, Sound of Arrows is swedish, I guess I like me some Swedish dance music. You may be seeing a lot more of Queen of Hearts in the future, so you might as well get used to it and start with this gooder.

  • TAVS

    I really don’t like Flo Rida’s song. Avicii should have just made “Levels” mainstream instead of getting Flo Rida to use his beat. Also, I think it’s so weird that Flo Rida added that dub step part within his song — blatant attempt at trying to seem relevant by adding various types of electronic music into his song like every other artist is doing x_x