‘Flight’ Movie Trailer Takes Off With Denzel Washington

Have you ever had a nightmare about being in a plane crash? I have, and it’s absolutely terrifying. In this upcoming ‘Flight‘ movie, Denzel Washington plays a commercial pilot that makes one bold move that saves everyone’s lives. That beings said, there are some complications.

After he miraculously manages to safely “crash land” the plane, saving everyone’s lives, the accident is investigated so that the plane malfunctions can be understood, but in doing so, they find that the pilot (Denzel) had alcohol in his system. Despite the fact that his courageous act was what saved the day, will he go to prison anyway? It’s a very interesting concept and I’m really looking forward to seeing this one. The film also stars James Badge Dale and John Goodman.

The movie hits theatres on November 2. For now, check out the intense trailer below.