Old School Flashback: Mariah Carey, Shania Twain and Taylor Dayne


Welcome to my new weekly feature, Old School Flashback. Each week I’ll be highlighting three tracks from years gone by. Music has the ability to transport you to a different time and place. Sometimes the emotions and sensations felt when hearing an old school track is so strong, it’s almost like you’ve traveled back through time experiencing that moment all over again.

Throughout my childhood and adult life, music has played a major role in documenting my life. Whether it was waking up every Sunday morning when my parents would blast the stereo as we all got ready for church or singing at the top of our lungs during our numerous road trips across North America, music has provided the soundtrack to my life. Til this day, I still love putting my iTunes library on full shuffle on Sundays and subject my friends to listening to my “classics” during road trips.

A couple of summers ago, I spent a number of days going through my entire iTunes library, making sure each track had the correct tags, named properly and assigned the right cd cover. Yes, I’m that ANAL and OCD. In my opinion, it was time well spent, because now I can enjoy the fruits of my labors on regular basis. Enough with the backstory, let’s get to this week’s flashback tracks.

Mariah Carey: Someday

While Mariah is best known for her power ballads and mid-tempo hip-hop infused singles, she showed another side when she first debuted onto the music scene back in 1990. Someday was her third single from her debut album, “Mariah Carey”. The jackswing influence track continued her hot streak on the Billboard charts and was her third straight song to top the charts.

So out of all the songs, I could’ve chosen as my first old school track to highlight, why this song? Simple, four words… MARIAH CAREY RUNNING MAN. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. When I bought a DVD anthology of Mariah’s video a few years back, this was the video I was most looking forward to seeing. To my disappointment, it was intentionally left out of the compilation. I guess even Mariah herself thought she looked like a fool doing the ubiquitous dance move and vetoed its inclusion.

Shania Twain: Whose Beds Have Your Boots Been Under

I love me my Shania and her country-pop fabulousness. Even though this track doesn’t even rank in my all-time top 10 Shania songs, I chose to feature it this week because of an incident that occurred this past weekend. While en route to Seattle to celebrate cast member Adam‘s birthday, this little ditty randomly played in the car. To my utter amazement, Brian, Patrick and our friend Tyler began belting this song out at the top of their lungs. When I say belt, I mean BELT. They knew every lyric and SANNNNG it with hillybilly fashion. I felt kinda left out since all I knew was the chorus. Boo. This 1995 single was the lead-off track from her diamond selling (10+ million records sold) “The Woman in Me” CD.

Taylor Dayne: Tell It To My Heart

Twenty years before Taylor Launter and Taylor Swift became the most popular Taylors, Taylor Dayne owned the pop/dance charts. Her look was utterly tragic, even by 80s standards. Exhibit A. On her album cover, Taylor sported a two-tone hair style that included crimped hair pieces, curly locks and topped off with some meshy veil. Egads. Despite all this, girlfriend churned out hit after hit from her 1988 debut album and yielded four top ten hits. While her ballad, “I’ll Always Love You” can be heard butchered through American Idol auditions of season’s past, it’s her catchy dance groove that won me over. She was the Fergie Ferg of her time, with her soulful white girl persona.

What did you think of my inaugural picks for my Old School Flashback? If you liked this week’s, you’re going to love my choices for next week. I already have two of the three tracks picked out.

  • Aaron J

    Taylor Dayne is amazing. Her second album was really good,as well. She has a killer voice.