While Vancouverites always hear that we have the prettiest city, nice skiing, great food and amazing access to nature, what we don’t usually hear is that we have a killer gay nightlife. Lacking in venues, limited “big name” local DJs and a minimal scene crowd for a metropolis, Vancouver clubbing doesn’t have it the easiest. So, when they do try something new, you can sure as hell bet I’m gonna try it out. Headed up by a good friend to both myself and Homorazzi, DJ Adam Dreaddy, the sometimes-gay Saturdays at one of our largest and newest venues Club 560, are back to take over the night mo’ style with their newest bold venture: PONI.

Starting this Saturday, February 25th at Club 560 (560 Seymour Street) in downtown Vancouver, the new PONI night attempts to attract dancin’ and partyin’ gays from all over as the creators revamp their weekend undertaking by callin’ on some big names in the DJ world and make YVR a destination city for weekend fun. First up is LA-based DJ Marco Da Silva: the model, actor, choreographer DJ whose tatted up looks and big party style has encouraged a huge following across the party scene. Laying down original and booming house tracks, Marco is not just an attraction to the ears of gays but to the eyes as well. Let’s hope he likes em’ lean ha.

Selling right now for $15 bucks a ticket, this night is sure to be a packed event if not a total sell out. Not just a night to look at the handsome Californian, PONI features beats by DJ Quest, DJ Dirty Margaret and a performance by our very own Tommy as his lavish, out-there persona Syren! Going from 10PM until closing at 3AM, Club 560 offers three different spaces from which to enjoy the night and multiple bars to cut down on wait time, tended by the recently awarded Top Bartender in Vancouver, Ryan Steele and his crew the Steelers (okay, that’s not what they’re called, but I like my name for them better). Too often have we heard the lament of local boys and girls who feel the need to travel to find worthwhile nights out so I say, put your money where your mouth is and give this new night a try and then tell me we can’t have a good time in Vanc!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s show our support for those who put together a ton of work and effort to give us a night of fun and maybe put our little town that could back on the map. Oh and the muscle man in the add for the event featured prominently on their facebook page is a very close friend who I happen to know will be attending this weekend in case you’re one of those weird guys into 6″3 225lb built dudes haha.

A video compiled from a recent show in Taipei you can get a pretty good idea of the sexiness of DJ Marco Da Silva’s shows and his sound as well. Looks like this Saturday is gonna be a pretty big deal Vancouver- see you there!