5 Movies To See This October!

Believe it or not, it’s almost October…yeah, I know. My tanks have been replaced with sweaters, and “jorts” replaced with jeans. Though I’m not a huge fan of the colder months, I do appreciate it for one reason – I don’t feel as guilty for avoiding the sun to sit in a dark theater. Being the movie-lover that I am, I’ve been planning out what movies I need to see this coming season. Nerdy? A little. I have a strange addiction of watching new movie trailers online and I’ve compiled a list of some great movies to see in October.

Before you read on, I need to be completely honest about a couple things first: 1) Two of these movies are only scheduled for a limited release, which means you’ll have to search to find them, and 2) Three out of five of these movies aren’t going to be released until the end of the month. Sorry about that… haha. Check out the list below!


George Clooney and Ryan Gosling – need I say more? Well, in this political drama, Gosling plays an up and coming press secretary working for the presidential candidate, played by Clooney. During the last few days of the election, a scandal occurs that throws Gosling smack-dab in the middle of it all and Clooney’s presidency in jeopardy. Also appearing in the film are Evan Rachel Wood, Paul Giamatti and Marissa Tomei. Fun tidbit: Tomei recently let it slip that while promoting the flick in Italy, she joined Wood and Clooney in a skinny-dipping session at his Lake Como house. If only the paparazzi would’ve been there…


Seeing that it’s the month of Halloween, I figured I had to include a scary movie into the mix. I tossed with the idea of including “Paranormal Activity 3”, but we’ve all been there and done that. “The Thing” is actually a prelude to the 1982 cult-classic, of the same name, which starred Kurt Russell. In the latest installment, researchers in Antarctica stumble upon an extraterrestrial ship that’s been frozen for years. After one of the ship’s inhabitant’s wakes, all hell breaks lose and if that wasn’t enough, this creature turns out to be a shape-shifter!


Let me just say that this movie looks SO good! I’m a big fan of “dark” movies and this one looks creepy as ever. Starring the adorable, Emily Browning, “Sleeping Beauty” is a film with a lot of buzz surrounding it. Browning plays Lucy, a young college student with a haunted past. She takes on a mysterious job as a Sleeping Beauty, which requires young, beautiful women to be completely submissive to older men – while asleep. When Browning’s character begins to obsess over what exactly happens to her while asleep, her world begins to unravel. I’ve been waiting for a long to see this movie, so let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint!


Last month, I was so excited when this trailer was released and now the actual movie is already here! Set in a futuristic world, where people have to buy their time to stay alive, “In Time” is sure to be the action hit of the month. In this world, everyone stops aging at 25 – after, you are genetically engineered to only live one more year unless you can purchase more time. Justin Timberlake plays Will – a down-on-his-luck guy who is falsely accused of murder. The lovely Amanda Seyfriend also stars in the flick, playing Sylvia Weis – a wealthy girl that ends up becoming Timberlake’s sidekick of sorts. The movie becomes sort of a cat and mouse game between Timberlake and the cops. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Matt Bomer is in the film too? Swoon.


I’m already sobbing. If the trailer does this movie any justice, then this is going to tear us all apart. Starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones, “Like Crazy” tells the story of Jacob and Anna; two kids that are in the midst of their first real love. After overstaying her visa, Anna is banned from the U.S. forcing the two to make it work from a distance. Winner of Best Picture and Best Actress at the Sundance Film Festival, this is definitely my top-pick for the month for so many reasons. Ps. I have to give props to the person that included an Ingrid Michaelson song to the trailer because that alone, made my eyes begin to water.

  • Mike

    Sleeping Beauty was a huge disappointment. I just saw it at the film festival not long ago 🙁

  • Aww, that’s too bad.. I’m still going to see it just in case! haha.

  • Sleeping Beauty and In Time are the only one that really interest me on the list, but I have a feeling both will be alright at best.

  • avocadoboy

    Wow like crazy seems so heartbreakingly beautiful and i can totally relate to it. And that Ingrid michaelson song – perfection. Cant wait!