Jerseylicious Reality Star Strips Down For Playgirl

If you’re missing your guido fix since MTV canceled Jersey Shore, then you’re in for a treat. Luckily for you, the Garden State is full of exhibitionists. If you’re not familiar with the Style Network’s Jerseylicious, you probably don’t know who Filippo Giove is. Truth be told, neither did I, until I caught wind of his appearance in the latest issue of Playgirl magazine. After checking out the photos, I’m ready to book an appointment at the hair salon he works at for a blow job out 😉

Just like his Jersey Shore counterparts, Filippo is not at all modest. Last year, he posted a picture of himself wearing a speedo which barely contained his Italian sausage with the caption, “Everybody, let it be known I have a huge c*ck, enough said.” If you saw the photo, you know he wasn’t exaggerating. I wonder what his marinara sauce tastes like *wink*.

Check out a few pictures from his Playgirl pictorial below. The ones released so far are relatively PG with him posing with strategically placed bubbles and a pizza box (extra large I assume) covering his pepperoni. I’m curious to know if any full nude ones appear in the issue. Check out a preview of Giove’s “spread” below.

Do you watch Jerseylicious? Are you a fan of Filippo Giove? Is he cuter than the Jersey Shore guys? Sound off below.

  • aleksander

    probably uncut. so no thx.

  • Much cuter. He was the shampoo guy at the salon last time I watched. He was planning to get some training to become a hair stylist, but I’m guessing he’s decided to pursue another career path.

  • Bob

    Probably “unmutilated,” but still no thx.

  • Rodknee

    Really? No thanks? He’s totally adorable with a nice body. I feel like anything involving “Jersey” automatically warrants a negative opinion because of MTV. But seriously, if you ever watched Jersey Shore you know they are just young people in front of cameras. They do things that most of us do in our twenties. You party, you hookup and you embarass yourself. They do all of this, bit with tanned, muscled bodies. Why not cut em a break?