Fifty Shades Of Grey Off To A Hot Start At Box Office


The highly-anticipated adaptation of the best-selling book is off to a great start. Fifty Shades of Grey was released the night before it’s official launch date and scored $8.6 million in late night showings, giving Universal it’s best late night showing performance ever.

The number represents the second-highest showing for an R-rated film. The Jamie Dornan erotic thriller is only behind The Hangover 2’s $10.4 million showing. It also marks the best late night showing in February. Over the weekend, it’s expected to generate a scorching $75 million.

I saw a screening and have to say Dakota Johnson surprised me. I wasn’t a fan of her casting but she was a revelation to me. Perhaps, it was my low expectations but she had me engaged. Overall, the film wasn’t half bad. Do you plan on watching Fifty Shades of Grey? Or have you already checked it out? Weigh in below.