Selena Gomez Mocks Controversial Novel In “Fifty Shades Of Blue” Parody

Recently, Homorazzi cast member Dan shared his book review for the controversial novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, the sexually charged literary blockbuster, Fifty Shades of Grey gets adapted for the screen with Selena Gomez and Nick Kroll.

In this new Funny or Die video, Nick Kroll plays a painter that shows up at Selena Gomez’s character’s door to paint. We hear Gomez’s inner monologue as the painter goes about his business. The words in her head make the situation to be something that it’s not and Kroll is totally weirded out by Gomez’s behavior.

Some of the things said in her head (set to romantic music) are so ridiculous. For instance, when he suggests using the caulking gun before painting, she thinks, “What was that contraption? He was introducing me to a whole new world… and I was ready.” She then adds, “He was still such a mystery to me. Why was he putting sheets on the floor and why did he give me this gift of paint swatches? He was so complicated.” LOL. Enjoy the video below.