It’s no secret that we’ve been obsessing over X-Factor’s fifth harmony. Ever since judge’s houses these five girls had been my top pick to win. I literally squealed back in January when the girls announced their signing with Syco and Epic and it looks like all of us Harmonizers have even more to be excited.

The girls recently announced that they were hard at work in the studio with One Direction producer Julian Bunetta. “Well hopefully [it will] be the opposite side of the coin, the female side of the coin from the 1D boys, which would be great. It’s five amazingly talented, beautiful girls that I love to death and they’re great singers,” Bunetta said while discussing the project with MTV News.

“I would hope that every girl [I know he means me] would just put it on, when they’re getting ready to go out or when they’re in their car going somewhere and they just want to have a great time.” Well Julian, I have good news for you, I already listen to FH when I’m getting ready, so you won’t have far to go with this album.

I can’t begin to explain how happy this boy band/girl band revival is making me. Whether it be One Direction, The Wanted, Little Mix or The Saturdays, there’s no better time for my Fifth Harmony gals to carve out there section of the pop group pie. Mmmmm pie.

Are you guys as excited for this album as I am, or has the pop group revival run its course? Sound off below!