I was a little worried no more amazing acoustic YouTube performances were in store for us after each girl picked a song for the group to cover. Thankfully, the girls eased my worries by uploading another kick-ass one. This time, they take on the title track from Taylor Swift’s current album, Red. Fans of Fifth Harmony know this is their second time covering Swift. 5H, then briefly known as 1432, sang “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” while on The X Factor. This cover of “Red” is much better.

As happy as I am to hear Ally, Dinah, Camilla, Normani and Lauren show off their covering prowess, I want to hear some original music from them. Emblem3 already has a new single out (“Chloe“) and Season 2 winner Tate Stevens is streaming his entire debut album over at Amazon. At this rate, 9th place finisher Beatrice Miller who recently signed with Simon Cowell’s Syco Records and Disney’s Hollywood label will probably have new music out before them. Are you getting as impatient as me? Check out 5H’s Swift cover below.

Fifth Harmony Covers Taylor Swift’s “Red”

What do you think of their latest? Are you itching for some new material from the ladies? Do you think any uptempo (non acoustic tracks) will be on their debut album? Sound off below.