With ‘Step Up Revolution‘ about to premiere in theatres, a new song from the soundtrack has been released called “Feel Alive“. The song is a collaboration between Fergie, Pitbull, and DJ Poet and with the up beat sound, it’s bound to make you “feel alive”.

In the chorus, Fergie sings, “Wake me up in the morning, slow me down in the evening. Give me whatever you want to make me feel alive.” There’s a lot of Pitbull and DJ Poet rapping in the song, but there’s enough Fergie to make you feel Fergilicious while you’re up in the gym just working on some fitness.

If you haven’t seen any of the previews for ‘Step Up Revolution,’ you should. It’s not usually my thing (more a Tyrell thing), but the previews look so good and the dance scenes look epic. Not to mention that it’s in 3D so it should be a good time. You can watch the first 3 minutes of the film here should you feel like wetting your appetite. In the meantime, give “Feel Alive” a listen below and let me know what you think.