DJ Felix Jaehn Comes Out As Bisexual

Remember OMI’s infectious “Cheerleader” during the summer of 2015? Thanks to a remix from Felix Jaehn, the single became a worldwide smash and ushered in the dominance of tropical house. Other personal favorites from Felix include “Hot2Touch” and “Ain’t Nobody.”

The 23-year-old German/Dutch DJ just came out as bisexual during an interview with Germany’s ZEIT magazine. “Now I dream of finding the person I want to share my life with, man or woman,” Felix shared (translated from German).

He added, “As a teenager, that influences you. And when you realize that you also find guys attractive, that can make you unsure.”

He reveals the writing of his new album, I, served as an inspiration for him to open up about his life. “If you choose such a title, it’s time to show your whole self too,” he said.

For more of the interview, head over to ZEIT magazine.