Back for another episode, and this time it’s the all dance review. Something about the sun popping out the last couple days that makes me re-tune in with my groove thang. So if you don’t want some hard beats, skip this, but if you want some dance-in-your-living-room tunes or your treadmill routine’s getting old, these are for you!

Thief (Shinichi Osawa Remix) – Lost Valentinos

Here’s the beauty of the Ministry of Sound Annuals: I pick my favorites very early on into getting the album, but I keep the entire album on my iPod for just this reason. Every so often, something will come on random, and I’ll wonder why I never tuned in the first few times around. This track is one of those. The kicker beat may be a little too rough for some, but this thing gets my cardio pumping harder at the gym. This is a group out of Australia remixed by a Japanese DJ. The culture clash works for it, and the “Oooh-ooh-ooh”s get me everytime.

Nothing Lasts Forever – Girl’s Day

This needs a touch of explanation. I love Korean food, LOVE! And I tend to Shazam more than any other time when I’m at a Korean restaurant. K-Pop is solid cheesy pop, with beats so good you don’t even care about the language barrier. Most of the time there’s a catchy English hook anyways, keeps us westerners happy. You can judge me all you like, but reference the title of these articles. It’s true. I can’t stop listening to it. These chicas (wrong nationality?) debuted last year, and immediately catapulted on the Korean charts. Next stop, North America! No? Okay just enjoy it below then.

Anyway – Duck Sauce

Okay this isn’t a new track, but I feel like Duck Sauce’s Streisand popularity overshadowed this tune. Not inspired to shake ur groove thang? This’ll change that. And not to mention one of the best throw back videos last year! Duck Sauce is of course comprised of two super stars, Armand Van Helden, and A-TRAK. Armand Van Helden brought us Dizzee’s “Bonkers” among other things (a multitude of other things), and A-TRAK has given us too many great remixes to count, among them Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Robyn, Kanye etc. Pull out the afro from the back of your closet (what? not everyone has one?), step into your platforms (….what….not everyone has….oh never mind), and have yourself a li’l party.

Click here to watch.

PS to all this, Robyn’s new single is a definite runner up, so thanks to Dono for posting it. It rules!

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