Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To: I Follow A Remix Like You

Anyone else think there’s not a hell of a lot of good music coming out lately? But I’m hopeful. Spring has almost sprung (as soon as the snow melts?), and when the sun comes out, so do sunny tunes. This is just a brief pause in the history of great 2011 music. I’m excited for summer anthems, I’m achin’ to become obsessed with a brand new artist, I’m gagging for Gaga’s new album, and until all that magically comes true, here’s a few tunes to get you through the in between time.

Someone Like You (Live Acoustic) – Adele

DID EVERYONE SEE THIS PERFORMANCE AT THE BRIT AWARDS??! *gasp*. Adele is insane. She is soulful, breathtaking, talented, captivating, and a bag of delicious chips. Her album ’21’ is like reading a great book from start to finish. It holds your attention, makes you dance and cry, and keeps us waiting for her to do the next thing: the sign of a great artist. Back to her performance. I balled like a newborn. It was so beautiful, and it’s one thing to hear it on the album, but to see her belt it out really takes you back. Enjoy the ballad, and I promise, if you’re still reading, the next song will pick you back up after you become a puddle of your former self.

This Is The Remix – Girl Talk

I keep talking to people that still don’t have the Girl Talk album! In my opinion, All Day was the best album last year, my favourite, hands down, bam, done, WINNER. And as I was cleaning my house today listening to it (it’s really my personal Molly Maid theme music), I realize that everytime I listen to the album, I go back to this song. From Bananarama, Jackson 5, INXS, and everything in between, he mixes the track perfectly. And hopefully for all those who DON’T have the album, this’ll wet your parched palate and you’ll take the intiative to actually get, what could be, theme music for your household activities as well.

I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li

I liked Lykke Li, and then saw her at Richards on Richards (RIP) with Friendly Fires back in 2008 (COME BACK TO TOWN LYKKE!), and fell the hell in love. This chica rocks live, like, harder than you would think. For those of you that don’t know this Swedish singer, you might recognize “Little Bit“, from her last album Youth Novels. Her new album, Wounded Rhymes, will be out sometime in March for North America, and this is her first single. I really love it. More than I thought I would the first time I heard it. It’s a little Stevie Nicks, a little hippie MGMT, it’s got singalong quality for concerts, the video is meh whatever, but the tune-age is over the top good. I’m stoked for the whole album, and if you haven’t heard of her, I hope I can convert a couple people to a little Lykke.

  • topher

    Here’s my top 3:
    Bad girls – M.I.A.
    Rolling in the Deep – Jamie XX remix ft. Childish Gambino
    Wilhelms Scream – James Blake

  • Greg

    Re Someone Like You – is there a dance version of this song? I totally need a dance version to dance my head off thinking all the ones (and the straight crushes) that got away…….

  • Nic

    I heart that James Blake song Topher. I’d been looking for that for a while! Miss you.