Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To: Secret Little Dragon Hands

So sometimes Adam comes out with something good, and after his chillaxin’ song article, I was inspired to share my own DL list. Weather’s a little warm, there’s some spring cleaning going on, and last weekend I opened the windows and rocked out to a few tunes that “I Can’t Stop Listening To”. See what I did there?

“Hands” – Alpine

Australia’s music scene has always blown me away, and this new band from Melbourne is nothing short of spectacular. They have the swedish emo thing that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE right now, and their music has been called “twinkling compositions of dreamy indie-pop performed magnificently” with vocals that are “quirky but not too Björky”. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Not to mention the video is kind of a sexy party.

“Crystalfilm” – Little Dragon

And now onto ACTUAL Swedish electro-emo-pop. Man. Little Dragon is a trip, and if you feel like some serious musical food, you can pretty much listen to anything by them. From an artistic point of view, I think they’re nearly perfect. There’s something about Japanese-Swedish lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s voice that sounds like no one else to me. This song, although not new, is still killer, and perfect for that relaxing afternoon whether rain or shine.

“Secrets” – Silver Swans

Our international trip lands us in San Fran where I found a band that I’m also having trouble finding fault with, OR INFORMATION ABOUT. If anyone knows anything about Silver Swans, then please comment below. Otherwise, everything on their MySpace music page rules, and this song is so dreamy and so FRIGGIN’ purty it makes me wanna’ cut my hair and ride a bike and not eat wheat. Or….something….ENJOY!

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