Fast Food Nation


If you’ve met me and spent anymore than five minutes with me, you will more than likely be able to contest that I have an infatuation-bordering-on-addiction to Fast Food. It is a culmination of so many life events resulting in this infatuation, with the resent delivery of a McDonalds direct mail coupon booklet that spurred my desire to admit write about it.

Seriously, my eyes LIT up and my heart slowed down when I opened my mailbox to find the coveted fold-up booklet atop the mass amount of spam flyers. Nothing can turn my week around quite like perforated paper with cheeseburger deals. McDonalds is high on the list of favorite 15-minute meal joints.

My top five favorite Fast Food outlets:

burger-king#5 Burger King. Thank goodness for Burger King (also known as BK, for late night BK) and their affiliation with any mega-plex style movie theater. There is nothing more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a Whopper (or Whopper Jr. for yours truly) while watching the previews dance across the big screen. It’s just part and parcel for today’s movie-going experience. Forget that $8.50 large popcorn with ‘extra becel’. Nonsense. Super size my fries please Bon Qui Qui and dump out some of that ice!

subway#4 Subway. Okay, I HAD to put a ‘healthy’ option on this list so I didn’t look like an even bigger mess than I already am. Seriously though, Subway makes a good footlong, and their oatmeal cookies are to die for! I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of the ‘toasted bread’ phenomenon but I do appreciate their branching out into wraps and soups. The perfect winter fast-food experience.
mcdonalds#3 McDonald’s. What’s not to love (or simple, I’m Lovin’ It – as Justin Timberlake once put it)? McDonald’s has been a staple in my life since before I have memories. The toys in the late 80s were unbeatable. I still have my plastic pumpkin from 1989, McBoo. And I would KILL to get my hands on a Fraggle Rock wind-up car. Or a Muppets Christmas plush – either Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy. Don’t even get me started on the Value Menu or the coupon books. Two can dine for $8.98!? SERIOUSLY?! Who WOULDN’T go on a date to McDees when you can eat for less than $10CAD? That’s like pennies in the US (that’s to appease the quippy boys south of the border – wait, this isn’t Taco Bell). I could just go on and on; McChicken Sauce, Molten-lava-hot Apple Pies, McFlurries (the best is Oreo with hot fudge blended in); the original way-to-salty fries, the Play Place with colored balls, etc, etc, etc.
in-n-out-burger#2 In ‘N Out. No joke, the best thing to happen to the United States since the opening of Disneyland. The simple menu is the perfect antidotes for a vicious hangover. The cheeseburger has a simple combination of ingredients, when combined, equal blissful perfection. A large number of Canadians have yet to try this American delicacy, and I recommend a jaunt across the border simply for a taste.
taco-time#1 Taco Time. Seriously, the Chicken Fajita is something I would push small children to the ground in order to get one, piping hot! Sweet Mary in heaven, that succulent combination of whole-wheat fajita wrap, diced chicken, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes and onions, with spicy salsa. My mouth is watering at I write this and I am not trying to gauge if there might be a location open at 9:42pm…

Random Insert: My parents owned an A&W franchise while I was in high school. I worked there for over six years. I used to eat poutine with fried onions every day for lunch. Cased closed.

Honestly, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to write about this. It’s the biggest guilty pleasure I have, and I’m no longer ashamed to shout it from the rafters. If anyone ever feels like sharing in this blissful dining experience I am more than available, anytime, to share the joy.

    I am a slave to fast food and i love it. Sadly I turned into a whale and have to stop eating it for a while…le sigh

  • Dan

    Tommy – I’m a whale as well, but I will never give it up!

  • kodie

    Mmmm Rotten Ronnies….Thanks mom and Dad for good genes…i eat too much fast food!!

  • I HAD jeans don’t fit anymore it embarassing!
    Why haven’t we gone on a fast food date? I’m surprised by that!

  • Dan

    Any time, any FF place. Seriously!

  • bruin

    i love fast food too…but havent had it for years. in and out is soo good, but it’s a west coast thing, not a whole country thing fyi 😉