So let’s talk shoes. They do make or break your outfit. There is a fine line between distressed & aged and dilapidated & gross, know when to throw out shoes. Because I love shoes, the second thing I look at after what type of clothes someone is wearing are their shoes. I don’t know how some people can live on 2 or 3 pairs of shoes but if you must it is always good to have at least 4 different types.

burgundy-pack-2Fashion Runner – This is the pair you should be wearing out if you don’t wanna go too dressy. A less ‘gym type’ runner from Diesel, Energie, Puma and others works well and can be dressed up or down with either a T shirt or a button up shirt with a pair of jeans. I’m a huge fan of hi-tops right now and my favourite pair to date are my burgundy patent Supra.

3034-583090-pAthletic Runners – This pair you wear for the gym or for errands. Please NEVER wear runners for going out at night. Jeans, Tshirt and a pair of Nike Shox is a big NO NO!

picture-1Basic leather shoe in either a slip-on or lace-up – This pair you can wear during a date with a nice pair of dark jeans and button up shirt or for more formal occasions with a suit. A chisel toe shape shown on the picture is the best choice because it’s not overly pointy and it’s not too square. Square toed shoes should be avoided unless you are dressing up to look like a pilgrim.

havaianas-top-in-black-pic25795Sandals – Like I’ve said in the past… “Keep this pair very basic”. A simple flip-flop (thong style) is best. Basic black is the wisest choice. And remember, get a pedicure! Ugly feet are never fashionable.

I tend to buy most of my stuff online or when I travel cause I like to find things that are a little different from what we have back in Vancouver. Here are a few online stores I love shopping at:

1. SSENSE is a fabulous store in Old Montréal that also sells through their online store. They offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders!

2. GRAVITY POPE is an Alberta based shoe & clothing retailer with a great selection from Marc Jacobs to Diesel.

3. JOHN FLUEVOG is a Vancouver based shoe designer with styles that range from whimsical to classic but with a surprising Fluevog twist.

4. ZAPPOS is an American shoe online retailer that has expanded to Canada which offers a wide range of styles and brands. They also have a luxury website called ZAPPOS COUTURE that features brands such as Dsqaured, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier & Proenza Schouler.

5. eBAY is an auction website that most people are familiar with. I’ve bought a few hard to find shoes from eBay in the past and it’s great because everyday there’s something new that gets added onto the site.