Fashion Police: Homorazzi Attends A Live Taping

Yesterday, Donovan, Tyrell, and myself attended a taping of the E! Network’s Fashion Police in Los Angeles. Earlier this week, we checked out Chelsea Lately, but FP was a much more intimate/exclusive set that you can’t get tickets for. Needless to say, we were stoked. If you think the show is funny on television, well it’s even funnier in person and when the camera isn’t rolling. As soon as we walked onto set, Joan was rehearsing some of her jokes to herself and invited the three of us to come up and get some chocolate from the Easter Bunny, as she was holding a big basket of chocolate.

We then seated and chatted with Tony Tripoli, Joan’s head writer, who was happy to see us as Joan just loves the gays. He was a lot of fun and definitely kept us entertained until the show started taping. Kelly Osbourne was next to get to set (after she was done in hair & makeup), followed by George Kotsiopoulos, and lastly Giuliana Rancic.

In this episode of Fashion Police, they covered the Scream 4 red carpet, the GLAAD Awards, as well as a few others, and of course covered their regular segments, Bitch Stole My Look, Best Dressed, and Worst Dressed.

Melissa Rivers was also hilarious to listen to. She was pretty much calling the shots on set while filming, but when she first arrived, was in disarray because she didn’t know where her mother was. She told us she felt there was a conspiracy on set to driver her mad. In fact, whenever she had a second, she was so quick to share her drama with us and it was extremely entertaining.

This was a landmark episode of Fashion Police in that it was the first time ever that all panelists agreed on the best dressed person: Anna Paquin at the premiere of Scream 4. POW…went the confetti to celebrate. Really high tech. Loved the panel and would definitely do it again.

Donovan outside the E! Network, likely shortly after he checked in on Foursquare.

Tyrell outside the studio, hoping for the Best Dressed award.

You can’t see but me feet couldn’t touch the ground.

Here we are with the hilarious Tony Tripoli. Such a funny/talented guy!

  • MIke

    I am SO jealous. I LOVE FP and watch it every Monday. I called E! to get tickets and was told no tix cause it’s a closed set and only certain people get to see it. So good for you. I would have love to been there.