Fashion: H&M Lookbook Fall 2012 Mens & Womens

Summer has just begun but as you know, Fashion is always a season ahead. So here’s your sneak peek at what Fall 2012’s trends will be. As much as I love Summer and wearing lighter clothing, I gotta admit, I’ve learned how to love Fall for the layers. I love the rich jewel tones of the mens collection as well as the ever trusted blacks and greys. Slim silhouettes are still prevalent with a very British paperboy look, reminds me a lot of Thom Browne.

The womens collection has influences from Celine and Versace in prints and rich jewel tones.

Check out the Mens and Womens Fall 2012 Lookbooks on the next part of the post.

H&M Lookbook Women Autumn 2012

H&M Lookbook Men Autumn 2012

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  • Michael Pepper

    Not a fan of the length of the pants, or lack thereof.. Most tops and jackets looked great though.

  • Steve-O

    Am a fan of the dark greens for fall. But mustard & ketchup again???? Seriously no!!! Also the whole coat of a jacket thing YAWN are they trying to milk last seasons anorak over a suit look?

    Plus the model was waaaaaay to skinny all the tops and jackets seemed too big for him.

  • I do love the dark greens as well Steve-O. I never was a big fan of the ketchup red and mustard yellows a little bit much specially for someone like me who is used to wearing blacks, grays and whites.

  • Steve-O

    Oh come on Redd bet you’d look fab in a bit of colour….try a salmon pink next time you aim for white 🙂