While most people (and muppets) are still making parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” hit, others are still not over LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy And I Know It” song from last summer. Enter the Peterson Farm Brothers.

Their humorous and informative parody is called “I’m Farming And I Grow It,” promoting agriculture and showing everything that the do to help “feed everybody”. Some of the lyrics include: “When I step to the bunk (yeah) / This is what I see (Uh-huh)
All the hungry cattle are staring at me / I got passion for my plants and I ain’t afraid to show it show it show it show it / I’m farming and I grow it.”

I love this parody because they’re actually showing what their life is like, even sitting down at the table with their family and including them in the video. Did I mention this video has almost 5.5 million views? Check it out below!