Fargo Puts The Spotlight On Season 3 Cast In New Promo

Once again, Fargo will feature a brand new cast for its new season. Though each season of the black comedy anthology possesses its own self-contained narrative, like it’s done in the past, the are connections to previous installments since they all take place in a shared universe.

Set in Minnesota, Ewan McGregor tackles two roles as Emmit Stussy and his slightly younger brother Ray. Emmit is the Parking Lot King of Minnesota while Ray is a parole officer who blames Emmit for his misfortunes. Their sibling rivalry leads to a twisted path that begins with petty theft but soon leads to murder, mobsters and cutthroat competitive bridge.

Joining McGregor as regular cast members are Carrie Coon, Michael Stuhlbarg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and David Thewlis. Scoot McNairy and Jim Gaffigan also appear in recurring roles.

Fargo Season 3 premieres April 19, 2017 on FX. Check out the cast spotlight below.

Cast Spotlight | Fargo Installment 3 Promo