Far East Movement has found themselves in a little bit of an interesting predicament. You see, FM has decided to the take their bass to a whole new level, a dirty level, calling it dirty bass. Seriously, this bass will give you a bowel movement from the right stereo system. However, an organization named B.L.O.W. which stands for Ban Low Frequency Oscillating Woofers is attempting to have their sound turned down to decrease that trunk rattling, booty bouncing sound that we all love to hear.

Capitalizing on this little feud (smart men they are), the boys with the help of label mate Rye Rye just released the video for their club thumping hit, Jello. In the video, we watch as the boys dress in “disguise” (and I use that term loosely) to ambush a B.L.O.W. dinner with special guest, Oprah (in this case, an Oprah look-a-like). When the beat drops, the boys drop their waiter disguises and start the party up in that gala bring in dancers to hype it up even more.

I am absolutely loving this track and hope it’s just a taste of what we can expect from Far East Movement’s second album under the Cherrytree Records umbrella. According to their Twitter and official website, we should be expecting to see this album early this year. Here’s hoping. Until then, enjoy the music video below.

Far East Movement feat. Rye Rye, “Jello”